In the mid 1990s, when the web was increasingly a battle ground of browser behemoths, where Netscape Navigator was seen as the next Windows, John Allsopp saw the importance and future dominance of CSS, and a standards based Web, when few others did.

In the year 2000 he wrote "A Dao of Web Design", 10 years later a significant quote from which starts Ethan Marcotte's now famous article introducing Responsive Web Design in a List Apart.

His ideas formed the foundation for Typekit, for which he was a founding advisor.

He predicted, to much criticism, the disaster for developers the iOS App market would present, when many others saw it as a boon for these very developers.

Ironically, predicting the future isn't all that difficult (over certain timeframes). In this presentation John will look at some of the lessons he's learnt from his successful prognostications, discuss some of his failures as well, and then look at the next 2-5 years of the Web, and where he thinks you should be concentrating your efforts.

This was recorded at Industry 2014:
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