The Land Of is an entirely independent production that follows a group of surfers on a journey through Thailand as they gain new perspectives on travel that extend far beyond simply riding waves.

In the third and final chapter the crew find themselves discovering Ko Phayam and the surrounding islands. Apart from a few local Rastafarian Thai surfers the common attitude towards the ocean is that of fear post the 2004 tsunami. The crew connect with a local school on the island and provide surfing lessons to the kids who are complete naturals. Smiles are shared, waves are ridden, and trust is restored in the ocean.

After three weeks on the road the crew recap on their journey and the impact that Thailand had in all of their lives. Memories are made, beauty is discovered, change is created, islands are explored and the possibilities are endless. Thailand is much more than just the the land of smiles.

This episode would have not been possible without the help of Tim Morch and the boys and Ko Phayam. Visit them here -

The Land Of series is entirely funded by the independent artists involved.

All three episodes will be released weekly on

Director : Stefan Hunt - @stefan_hunt
Cinematographer : Campbell Brown - @kambooo
Producer : Stefan Hunt
Editor : Stefan Hunt
Colorist : Matt Fezz
Animation : Drew Meier
Design : Matt Dampney - @damp_design

Music in order of appearance.

Song : Forward Miles (Acoustic Version)
Courtesy of Sipping Jetstreams Records

Song : Untitled
Artist : OXBLVD

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