SPLIT STANCE PALLOF PRESS: elitetrainingprograms.com/free-report

- In the split stance position, face perpendicular to the band or cable that you are going to use for the movement. I personally prefer using a cable machine, but bands work as well.
- Rotate your torso towards the cable or band and grasp it with both hands, pinning it to your sternum
- Rotate back to the forward facing position while keeping your glutes and abdominals engaged

- There are many variations for tempo but in this example I am using a 1511 tempo. I am straightening my arms for a count of 1 second, I am then holding that position for 5 seconds, returning my hands to my sternum in 1 second, and holding there for a final second before beginning the movement anew
- The goal of this movement is to avoid rotation. Keep your pelvis underneath your ribcage and maintain a neutral back throughout, with your head looking straight forward
- To increase the difficulty use a stronger band or increase the weight on the cable machine

- There are many variations including the kneeling, tall kneeling, in-line kneeling, standing, seated, step-out, one-legged, lateral, and anti-extension pallof presses

Here's a link to this video in case you get lost: vimeo.com/97075326
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