(August 22nd, 1987) Arnie has been getting tired of picking the movies for the show in the same manner every week , so this week he’s had the title of tonight's film baked into a fortune cookie - Guy and Arnie just have to find it, by eating the cookies. They quickly discover that Arnie got his cookies mixed up with another bag, so they end up gorging themselves.

Meanwhile, a secret Soviet spacecraft has been launched into orbit to take over “Live on Tape”. Two cosmonauts, Ivan Drombolo and Voster Slepinski create havoc on the Live on Tape set. To make matters worse, Guy’s sister, has shown up and he has to baby-sit her for the evening.

The Soviet's presence on American airwaves becomes a national crisis and Guy gets called into NORAD by General McHoe for secret instructions. During Guy’s absence, Arnie takes it upon himself to teach Jenny the finer points of poker. He loses everything, including most of his clothes in the process

Guy returns with instructions from the President to face off with the Russians. He and Arnie fight them with reruns of I Love Lucy and The Brady Bunch. Unable to combat good 'ol American programming, the Russians are overpowered and are force to retreat, but as they leave, they warn the world that this is not the end and that they’ll be back!

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