Starscream (New York) performs at New York's monthly Pulsewave series in April 2008. Full lineup included A.R.Y., Tonylight, and Bit Shifter w/ visuals by No Carrier + noteNdo.

Pulsewave is a monthly series of music events at NYC's The Tank. Founded in 2006 in association with 8BITPEOPLES, a collective of artists sharing a common love for classic videogames, and various like minded individuals, Pulsewave focuses on innovated, experimental and lo-fi music, with an emphasis on the burgeoning neo/retro art scene around Chipmusic.

Featuring various audio and visual artists, both oddly familiar and stunningly innovative, every Pulsewave provides a look at some of the newest and most exciting members of the scene, in a affordable and newcomer friendly atmosphere.

Open mics, workshops, and QA screenings of works provide an accessible entryway to this exciting and culturally rich modern retro movement.

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