1. Drift Of Genes - Urge Of Excitement
2. Toxemia - Destroying Relics
3. Contrastic - Re-Abortion
4. Infected Omnipotence - Humanbotic Paradox
5. InnerHate - Apophis Shell
6. Stigmhate - Radiant Darkness
7. Goats Of Doom - Musta Seremonia
8. In My Embrace - Diabolical Masquerade
9. Empatic - Ambush
10. Imperial Triumphant - S.P.Q.R.

Drift Of Genes: facebook.com/pages/drift-of-genes/104353449667481
Toxemia: facebook.com/pages/toxemiaph/268632073164892
Contrastic: facebook.com/contrastic
Infected Omnipotence: facebook.com/infectedomnipotence
InnerHate: facebook.com/innerhatedeathmetal
Stigmhate: facebook.com/stigmhate
Goats Of Doom: facebook.com/scaregod
In My Embrace: facebook.com/inmyembrace
Empatic: facebook.com/empatic.info
Imperial Triumphant: facebook.com/imperialtriumphant

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