Norwich University of the Arts Illustration Degree show Workshops are running from 2nd-5th July 2014

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They will be series of four consecutive workshops modelled on an illustrative interpretation of Graham Wallas’ Four Stages of Creativity; preparation, incubation, illumination and verification. Each day will directly inform the next, holistically following the illustrative journey. ‘Preparation’ will see tools created from found objects, which will be used to create materials for the next day of ‘Incubation’ in which schoolchildren will be invited for a day of mask making. These masks will then be used in ‘Illumination’, a reflective, sculptural workshop focused on light, shape and composition. The workshop will culminate in a day of ‘Verification’, an exercise in editing, consolidating and curating the previous outcomes to produce a zine which showcases the work created during the series of workshops. Throughout the process, writers will be in situ to give the workshops a narrative voice.

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