Video Production - Christie Pea Nail Salon in Miami, FL

We had the opportunity to make a promotional video to this beautiful nail salon and boutique in Miami.

Christie, the owner is a sweet and friendly girl. She loves what she does and tries to keep her clients taken care off. She brings tea, coffee, wine, and, of course, in the heart of miami, cuban coffee has to be present.

This is a not only a nail salon but also a boutique. So, is like one stop place. You go and do your nails and facial and go through the selection of accessories, clothing and handbags they have.
Is a very well decorated place and the service is great.

About the promotional video. Christie has a nice logo that I wanted to animate. It is a ladybug on the "P".

I had to create a whole logo from scratch with a new animated lady bug walking up the "P".

I kept the logo exactly the way she has it, so. I guess it is a nice touch to start and end the video.

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DISCLAIMER: Even though we produced, shot and edited this video, we do not own the rights. This was a work for hire. This video is intended for portfolio purpose only. Contact us for more information.

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