This was a final video project during my freshman year that was called the Cocoon Project. The basic idea was that we were supposed to portray ourselves and something we are/have gone through into a video and how that has transformed us.
I chose to portray my battle with depression. Through the video you will see a more conceptual way of portraying this through the materials used. I used the shot in reverse with slow hand gestures to create an almost seamless way of wiping away the darkness to expose the light and growth that can come from it.
This video in completion intended to show my fight through the dark times and through the attempted suicides (displayed with the dark paint and red bits), to expose a clean slate (the light surface) and the growth that can come from that exposing something beautiful. I really love the idea of people being able to interpret the video differently, depending on what they have gone through.
At this point in my life I believe that is a good way of displaying what I have battled with and gone through, and I really hope it resonates with others as well.

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