This is a promo for a new beat tape i'm releasing called "Scratched CD's"

The video doesn't have much to do with mixtape. I recently got a new Nikon d3200 and was testing it out but I figured, who doesn't like a 2 minute video of nature in slow motion to a beat that samples an early 80's Japanese group called Chakra. It seemed like it fit! :p

The concept behind the album is a collection of beats I've recently re-discovered while going through some old CD's in my car. The majority of these beats I only have what was on those CD's so I couldn't go back to re-mix and master all the songs. These collection of beats serve as a diary of everything I was going through while making each musical idea. I'm glad they weren't lost forever and now all I'd like to do is share what's left of these ideas that are stuck in time.


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