485 is your place card missing from the King’s banquet table

SYNOPSIS: The whole goal of our lives is to find ourselves at the King’s banquet table in the next life. You want to arrive there in heaven and be shown the Royal banquet hall. Once in that hall you want to find a place at a special table with your name written on it. We are all going to die one day. On that day when you cross over the great divide to the other side will you be able to find your name somewhere in the banquet hall?

SECTION 1: THE TABLE. Luk 13:29 Moreover, people will come from the east, the west, the north and the south to sit at table in the Kingdom of God. We all want a seat at this table in the Kingdom of Yehovah. How does one get this seat? How can you get invited? Is the whole world invited? Are the pagans invited along with the church people? If you are invited do you get to stay no matter what? Find out what the Hebrew roots understanding is of a seat at the table.

SECTION 2: DECEPTION AND LIES. Some people may not like this part of the message. Some people like to play games and lie to other people, and even more so lie to Yehovah. Let me tell you there is never a good reason to lie, ever. We will discover that being a person who lives a lie, tells a lie, expands on a lie, or lives a double life of a lie will have their seat removed from the King’s banquet table.

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