This is a clip from my documentary that looks at the 24 hour period following JFK's assassination.

The scene here picks up moments after the fatal shot struck Kennedy - but focuses on VP Lyndon Johnson, who was in a different car 60 feet behind the president.

Based on historian Steve Gillon’s book of the same name, the two-hour doc presents a behind-the-scenes look at November 22, 1963 from the unique perspective of Lyndon Johnson. On his pivotal first day as President, Johnson is put to the test as he contends with the jarring transfer of political power and the daunting challenge of securing the trust of a devastated nation.

What's new here? In 2009, sealed documents about Kennedy's assassination were opened to the public. Included were interviews with JFK's personal aides, many of whom witnessed the shooting. Compiled by historian William Manchester in 1964 and 1965, the documents were used for the first time in helping piece together the 24 hours after the assassination.

“24 Hours After” premiered on October 18, 2009.

Producer, Writer & Director: Anthony Giacchino
Editor: Marc Delforte
Camera: Ed David
Associate Producer: Dave Randag
Associate Producer & Production Manager: Pelin Levend

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