N + G were born in separate parts of china, one on the east coast, one on the west coast. Years later, they met at Princeton University while G was finishing up his degree and actually just about to move to California. Their relationship blossomed and they found themselves once again separated on two extremes of a country. That separation was only a bump in the road to them though.

I met with N to talk about their wedding day while she was in Princeton. She was actually about to fly out to see her fiancé for a week or so before the wedding and was working on finalizing all the details before she left. All this, in addition to working her normal job and none of it seemed to faze her in the least. They had spent years flying back and forth to spend time with each other, when they could, and they were still thousands of miles apart while planning their wedding.

I didn’t actually meet G until literally the day before the wedding while they were walking through the wedding location: The Palmer House in Princeton. Princeton University had played such a big part in their lives they knew that was where they wanted to be married and something they wanted to showcase with their story.

Rain held off for them on the wedding day (for the most part) and they had a beautiful outside ceremony at this oasis in downtown Princeton. After all the guests left, we set out to get some more shots around Princeton University and just to have some fun at the end of the wedding day. It will still be a few months, but they won’t be separated on East and West coasts for much longer :).

-Signature Productions and Events

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