To improve their game, tennis players need to understand and see their game play to decode what they are not doing right. Babolat wanted to create a new type of tennis racket that would allow players to 'see' and understand what was happening at ball impact on the racket head. To see the way players hit the ball on the racket, or identify spin and speed? Or how many times played?

Introducing Babolat Play, a connected racket that allows every player to live a unique experience based on progression, fun and sharing. An experience, which creates infinite possibilities allowing players to have an overview of their tennis game and easily compare and share with friends, with Pro Players or with the Babolat Play community.

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Chief Creative Officer: Chris Garbutt

Executive Creative Director: Kurt Novack

Creative Director: David Raichman

Babolat Global Product Line Manager: Gael Moureaux

Babolat Play project director R&D department: Pierre Macé

Babolat CIO : Jean-Marc Zimmermann

Art Director: Bruno Jesus, Gurvan Prioul, Bastien Baumann

Lead UI Designer: Fabien Gavinet

UI Designer: Romain Bourdieux, Baptiste Dumas

UX Designer: Olivier Brechon, Delphine Ledue

Motion Designer: Nicolas Grégoire

Creative Technologist: Frederic Granon, Michael Guilhermet

Planner: Alexandra Mimoun

Account Supervisor: Damien Cuillery

Project Director: Sandra Petrus

Digital Producer: Victor Raimond

Technical Lead: Adrien Leygues

Technology consultant: Michael Guilhermet

Data Scientist: Guillaume Tuyaa-Boustugue

Developers : Pierre Lebret, Fabien Chasseigneaux, Etienne Blondel

Technology Partners: Movea - NetcoSport - Aerys

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