Seed is not about male pleasure: it is about women’s pleasure. It is about the passive role that women are expected to play in heterosexual sex. It is about the assumption that we as a society make that women’s pleasure is secondary to men’s, if it even has a place. It is about women’s expected role as a receptacle and it is about the phrase ‘cum dumpster.’ Mostly, it is about how casual we are trained to be in regards to the use and abuse of women by men. Women’s magazine covers instruct us in fifty different ways to please our man, and yet the clitoris isn’t covered during the anatomy course of health education. Heterosexual sex is expected to be over when the man orgasms, but a woman isn’t expected to orgasm at all, and if she does, it’s often a surprise to both parties. Seed is about women who are experts at faking orgasms by the time they’re 18, because they believe that their pleasure isn’t something to be sought or demanded.

Part 1:
Part 3:
Intended to be viewed simultaneously as a three channel installation.

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