The Discover Area is an open outdoor workspace where community members of Abetifi, Ghana, can come to facilitate or participate in exploratory workshops. The workshop topics are based on locally available skills and knowledge from resource persons, who can be parents, teachers, students, craftsmen but also children themselves! The workshops are always based on creating new things from old-, waste- or natural materials that are readily available locally. Because the Discover Area is outside and located next to the road, the community of Abetifi is enabled to experience the value of experiential learning outside of existing routines and hierarchy in schools. By discovering what amazing things they can create from almost nothing, children's creativity, confidence and ingenuity is triggered. The bigger picture is a more resilient community where experiential learning earns its position as learning method in classrooms.
For pictures of- and updates on the Discover Area:

The Discover Area is a platform for situated learning in a community of practise that was initiated by me, as my Master graduation project of Industrial Design. The Discover Area is now run by a local committee of dedicated teachers.
This was the second half of the graduation project. The first part can be viewed here:

My special thanks go out to Stichting ABaCus and the AMO Programme for our fruitful collaboration

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