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Content curation is an excellent way to gather and share information. Reading well curated content is also an excellent way to learn about a given subject.

If you are looking for everything that's pertinent on a topic of interest, you'll want to know about some good content curation platforms for reading and enjoying excellent information.

In this video, we will concisely list and describe some of the best platforms for content consumption.

1. is an excellent source of well vetted information. Here you can browse with ease, read the desired content and share it effortlessly. The layout is user friendly, and it's easy to find just the information you seek.

2. For Android, iPad and iPhone use, you can't beat Pulse. The site makes use of brightly colored story bars filled with content you program. Use it to select the news you want from a wide variety of sources and have it all at your fingertips.

3. For content that has been curated to suit you and your tastes, select YourVersion. It gathers information about your stated preferences and delivers them to you in one convenient location.

4. For Smartphone and tablets, give Google Currents a try. Not only does it import information from your favorite sites, it also helps you identify new sources of information you might find of interest.

5. The spirit of the current times is known as "zeitgeist". Zite is named for this concept. It brings you the best of recent opinions, ideas and events. It keeps you in touch with the spirit of the times.

6. For social network curation, use Prismatic. It learns and remembers your interests and gives you a constant and current personal newsfeed.

7. Pocket is one of the handiest content curation platform tools for selecting and saving information you want to read later. Not only that, it gives you the ability to import all of your content from your other devices.

8. News.ME keeps you up to date on your Twitter and Facebook feed via your inbox, iPad or iPhone.

9. Trapit is a spam free platform for curated content that delivers all of your desired information twenty four hours a day and seven days a week.

10. To get current information on your most cherished topics in both a constant flow and on demand, use iFlow. You will be kept up to date in a continuous manner, and if you have a specific question or need for information, you can search manually.

Information and ways to receive it abound today. We hope that this curated list of content curation platforms is helpful to you in getting just the information you want in a manner that is valuable and meaningful to you.

What You Discovered Today....

1. Content curation is an excellent way to gather and share information

2. What the 10 best platforms for content consumption are:

b. For Android, iPad and iPhone use, you can't beat Pulse
c. YourVersion
d. Smartphone and tablets, give Google Currents a try
e. Zite
f. For Social network curation, use Prismatic
g. Pocket
h. News.ME
i. Trapit
j. iFlow

What You Need To Do....

Go to every single platform that's mentioned in this video.
Play around with them and find which platform best suits your needs and reading style.

By doing this you will experience enhanced content curation reading pleasure, GUARANTEED!

My name is Stuart Bazga

I look forward to talking to you again soon.

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