Namaste, welcome back to my humble editing corner, today I would like to present our latest addition of lovely couple, Manjit and Ekta.

Working on a traditional wedding is always a challenge for me, because it is always epic and so much thing happening during the day.

Manjit and Ekta's wedding is no exception, it is not only epic but what amaze me the most is when Manjit was riding a horse.......a HORSE! not just a horse but a white horse, made him look like a knight with his sword (if you notice he had a sword) off to meet his bride, not only that, the colourful dresses, the dancing, even the traditional ceremony was amazing.

It is very interesting how both of their names has meaning as mentioned in Manjit's speech,
Ekta means "unity" in Hindi and Manjit means "one who wins the heart" in Punjabi, in a way Manjit managed to win Ekta's heart and therefore Ekta united both of their family, such an amazing story.

While doing this edit, I had the privilege to witness what Starship cruise look like without even being there, the night went really well with great speeches especially uncle's (Manjit's father) two essential recommendations and of course more dance throughout the night, I danced a little when the Panjabi MC "Mundian to Bach Ke" song was playing.

Lastly to our lovely couple, thank you and congratulation once again with the beautiful wedding.

and to Manjit, always make Ekta the winner despite the meaning of your name ; )

Song is Stronger by Gatlin Elms
Licensed through themusicbed

Chris {Paper Cranes}


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