The British Council’s new office in Mumbai has opened. It is a new contemporary environment about half the size of our old office.

It is part of a new business model for our operation in Mumbai, which will deliver all our products and services off-site to where our customers are – online, at venues across the city and even in their homes. It's 'British Council coming to a place near you'. The new operation is a back office with only a limited front office for reception and meetings.

The most radical part of the new model has been the reinvention of the Library. The traditional walk-in service has been replaced by MyLibrary – an online order / home delivery system which makes the collection accessible to everyone in the city. Users choose the books they want from a real-time web catalogue, they are delivered to their home and books are picked up from the reader once they are ready to receive their next delivery.

Three weeks after go-live, MyLibrary has already acquired over a thousand customers and is running smoothly.

For more information about MyLibrary, see:

For more about the British Council's work in India, see:

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