Uploaded this video to reduce my burden of knowledge and silence. NOT YET COMPLETELY FACT CHECKED
You may need headphones to understand audio and have the pause button ready for text- had to cut/censor many parts and due to my poor video editing skills there are a lot of errors esp spelling.
I would appreciate it if you keep this video "IN HOUSE" - Just in the" MGTOW HOUSE" as many of you guys have suffered greatly and may understand my need to proceed slowly as best I can. While I need to tell my story to achieve "Peace of Mind" which is somewhat selfish I do HOPE that some positive change will come of it.
Although my story is (i believe) in the Australian Public Interest it cannot at this stage be told to the Australian Public. It may have to be told behind closed doors otherwise the economic destruction to the Australian Aviation Sector MAY be severe as a result of civil legal action and the Federal Government "Knee jerk" response to the court of public opinion. One company has been systematically destroyed by our Federal Government Departments and YES the owner of this company has a name. His name IS Stan van de Wiel:

"Psychiatrist for Hire"

"The Manual" by Brian Martin - This manual did not exist when i needed it and i did fall for the Seven Common Traps with severe personal consequences.

Suppression of dissent: Documents

A little on Psychopaths which may improve your understanding of what has occurred and is still occurring.
This may also give some Insight into Feminist Ideology

The state of Air Traffic Control (Australia) as at 2014 from ONE aviation "anonymous" source.
"The "Riot Act" is currently being read to Air Services Australia"
Reading between the lines I would not be at all surprised if both The Civil Aviation Safety Authority, Air Services Australia and perhaps 1 major Australian airline cease to exist in their current forms. What will no doubt occur (based of history) is that the changes will be name only with the same psychopaths running the show. (CAA to CASA+ASA is one example)

The state of Air Traffic Control (Australia) as at 2008 in the words of others (if nothing changes-nothing changes)

The state of Air Traffic Control (USA) as at 1996 in the words of others - the same year that my report was written and forwarded to the appropriate "safety regulators" with severe personal consequences
(if nothing changes -nothing changes)

The Hollywood version of the above article is the movie Pushing Tin (good for a laugh and a little education)
The clash of ego's as portrayed in this movie are somewhat similar to my experience including those controllers who are full of "confidence" and bullshit - the "gun controller" who at times create major separation problems for other controllers by running aircraft off track, failure to co ordinate correct Flight Level and running aircraft at the bare minimum separation standard when there is no rational reason to do so.
In my opinion some of the human factors which can at time lead to "incidents" are well explained in this movie.
Pushing Tin is available on itunes

The state of Air Traffic Control (Zagreb Yugoslavia) as at 1976 in the words of the Co-Prosecutor of Air Traffic Controller Tasic - (if nothing changes - nothing changes)

Required training aid for Australian Air Traffic Control Trainees (period 1989-2005 confirmed -not sure of 2014) I would suggest to you that any person of reasonable intelligence who does not feel a little sick in the stomach after watching this Dramatized Documentary is probably a Psychopath. i have been unable to purchase a clean English copy even after contacting the Documentary Director due to the copyright holders (point of first contact staff) being effectively a bunch of silly little girls pretending to be adults
The partial English version is now available on youtube ( I think a couple of critical minutes may be missing)

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