Story Generating Apparatus is an indie title in development which served as a Master's thesis in its vanilla stages. It is an exploratory narrative with definitive game mechanics to be implemented for the Oculus Rift hardware.

What you see in this video is the hybrid art gallery space documentation, where the protocol institution was transformed into a vintage arcade (full images :, and an abstract teaser for the game's narrative and visuals. Chevy the Cosmic is a washed up game hero from better days, who is about to be the last of his kind. The last known Cosmic cabinet was forgotten in Crossroads Outlet Mall in OKC : soon to be detonated for not surviving the test of time. But Chevy is not ready to leave this world yet and become but a memory. A game soon insinuates where he must become at peace before passing on.

Video doc, editing, performance, gallery installation-show, game art, programming, writing, and the voice of Chevy : Benjamin Poynter
Machines courtesy of Tip Top Amusement. Gallery : Holland Project (Reno, NV, USA). Game music : Bob Schuler (Reno Video Game Symphony)

Benjamin Poynter 2014

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