The Hobo Filmmaker teaches you how to build your own softbox for less than $50!

The first video in the Hobo How-To series, dedicated to teaching filmmakers with no money how to make their movies look like a million bucks!

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Parts List:

(4) sheets white foam core - 20"x30"
500w worklight (single or double, your choice)
(1) twin sized white sheet (at least 60% poly)
(1) dimmer (rated at least 600w)
(1) electrical box (plastic preferred)
(4) clothespins - more if needed, they're cheap


Tape (gaff is preferred, but duct or paper will work)
Glue (Any kind, the less flammable the better)
Knife (A must have for any filmmaker)
Wire Cutters (scissors will work, but are not recommended)
Drill (Extremely useful to own, but screwdriver would suffice)
Marker (Sharpies are awesome, but I'm not pushing a brand...)
Pen (You should have one in your pocket at all times; that is, if you're wearing pants)

ps: the Hobo is aware of how many times he uses the word "so" and he's working on it. So - I mean, um...yeah.

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