This was our final project for our Gender and Pop Culture class at The College of New Jersey.

Our focus is to expose how reality TV portrays unrealistic norms, behaviors, physical appearances for young adults through their selection of contestants. It is our job to educate the audience that the norms, behaviors, and appearances of reality TV character are simply corporate dictations of norms that don't exist. In addition, we must inform the audience that the portrayals of reality TV characters are often misogynistic and stereotypically negative.

Specifically, MTV's "The Real World" television show will be used as the reality TV medium that portrays these idealistic expectation of young adults. We will analyze specific stereotypes, hegemonic norms, beauty and misogynistic representations implied as normative by MTV through the explicit casting of the characters on "The Real World".

Order of Characters:
The Slut
The Smart Guy
The Bitchy Girl
The Minority (The Indian)
The Overaggressive Tough Guy
The "Normal" Girl
The Conservative Guy

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