Steven Michael Fadellin -
Director of Photography | Camera Operator
2014 Commercial Showreel

Featuring Action Sports, Commercial, Television, Music Videos & Live Music

Cameras Used: Red Epic, Sony FS-700, Sony Z1U, Canon C100, Canon 5D MKii, Canon 60D, Canon 7D


Brands Featured:

Osiris Shoes, Lumenetix, Oneshot Products, Triumph Untied, Stoneblade Entertainment, Kawasaki, Honda, Nissan, Gatorz Eyewear, Superheat Trading Cards, Surf Aid, Ink Throwers, Soledad House

Athletes Featured:

Bucky Lasek, Tony Hawk, PLG, Brian Lotti, Brian Deegan, Ricky CarMichael, Ryan Hughes, Dean Wilson, Daniel Cuervo, Austin Poytner, Mike Owen, Joe Battaglia, Mike Denillo

People Featured:

Nathan Ota, Audrina Patridge, Andrew Keegan, Sarah Slean, PLG, Ryan Hughes, Mitch Payton, Ricky Carmichael, Dean Wilson, Risk (graffiti artist) Arthur Samuel Joseph (author)

Musicians Featured:

Comasoft, Emblems, For All Those Sleeping, Rio B. ft. Lil Luc, Loyal Divide, Dr. Manhattan, Kid You'll Move Mountains, Violett Pi, A Lull, As Tall As Lions, TheBlackandTheWhite, Nico Ruse, Adam Tait, Todo Mundo

Transcend Motion Pictures
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