This is a small test video, all the footage was recorded with a GH4, some shots are on 4k cinema, and others on the VFR 96fps on 1080p.

I will list some pros and cons that I found with the GH4, I work on canon DSLRs, 5DMKIII, 60D I will share what I missed and what I love that is new.


- Lightweight camera, small and well built.
- Great touchscreen and very sharp.
- Excellent viewfinder, sharp and colorful.
- Loads of futures, and advanced time-lapse mode that automatically converts JPGs to an mov or mp4 file, tons of compression formats, you can make a 16gb card last from 15 mins on the highest quality to 1:30 hrs, depending on the project needs.
- Audio levels on screen, manual control with limiter.
- 4K material is heavy but I could edit it on my 27" core i7 iMac with no problems.
- Focus peaking!


- On 4K mode the screen compresses the pixels and the live view is filled with moire and aliasing (not present when viewed in full screen on the computer) on canon the live view is clean and accurate.
- The menu is a mess, takes time to get used to it
- The crop factor 2.3x on 4K
- Few wide angle lens options (fast ones that give you good blurred backgrounds)
- the 96fps mode is a little to compressed.

Bottomline: great camera, had the GH2 never the GH3 and lots of issues where fixed.

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