On St Patrick’s Day, all eyes are on the Emerald Isle. To raise awareness for Ireland as a tourist destination, we wanted to create a fun and engaging experience for consumers. We asked the world to jump aboard The Fantastic St Patrick’s Parade. In a couple of clicks, people created their own character and float – why not have a go yourself?

Check out the parade - ireland.com/en-gb/joinourparade


Creative Director: Yannick Connan
Art Director: Jon Sykes
Account Director: Simon Marshall
Senior Planners: Matthias Kandel, David Alexander
Senior Project Manager/Platform Manager: David So
Senior Project Manager: Jonathan Thoresen
Senior Tester: Laxmi Somni
Head of UX & Planning: Rachael Scott
Senior Designer: Louis Sheppard
Senior Copywriters: Josh Low, Joel Uden
Copywriter: Katie Carruthers
Lead Front End Developer: Dominic Green
Senior Developer: Andrew Mee
Senior Back End Developer: David McDonnell
Quality Assurance and Analytics: Marty Foo
Illustration: Tim Bradford
Animation: Oliver Osborne, Paohan Chen, Marko Anstice

Case Study:
Animation: Oliver Osborne, Marko Anstice
Copy: Joel Uden
Audio: Matt Santo
Voice over: Holly Walsh

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