Client: Bristol Museum – Work, Rest and Play

Brief: To facilitate a group of people’s panel members (approx. 5-8 adults) to create and produce a video to accompany the national gallery touring exhibition - Work Rest and Play. The key role of the people’s panel is to interpret a painting in "work rest and play" through video incorporating people’s own experiences of work, rest and play. This painting is an interpretation of Maggi Hambling's, Dorothy Hodgkin.

How We Did It: The challenge of the project was for the People’s Panel, who were a group of people that rarely used the museum's resources to interpret paintings through video, a medium none of the participants had ever worked in previously.
We spent time planning and informing all of the participants about how to make a video and assisted them all in hands on learning by using the camcorders and other equipment we provided. We supported the participants in the scripting and storyboarding stage and discussed various places to set their videos along with the use of music, sound effects and spoken word to explore their interpretations.
Each of the participants was taken to a voice over recording studio to record introductions to their video pieces, they also recorded scripted narrative to guide visitors through the touch screen environment. All of the participants were involved in the filming process of their individual videos.

Delivery Method: Touch screen installation within the “Work, Rest and Play” exhibition at the Bristol Museum. A touch screen environment empowered the visitors to interact with the interpretation of their choice.

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