[Nomadic Drift] is Team of 3 artists from each genre of Fine Art - Dance, Music, Video(Produce).
We Dance, We Sing, We Make, something new based on where we are.

The [Repetition]is Digital-video-and-music album project
by the multi-genre artist team [Nomadic Drift].

team will be released a dance+music+video one by one at a time, and from these sources, released a album of [Repetition],
and finally from the album, we will make a on-stage-performance program, like a musical or modern dance program in the certain stages around the world.

now, we announced first two singles - [repetition] and [both].

you can listen just a music via this link :


feel free to contact us, and invite us to your places.
we can go anywhere, anytime. wherever on earth.

or whenever, mail us via : visualsfrom@gmail.com
or call through +82 10 9605 3445

the team of multi-genre artists

Minhong Kim : Music
Goeun Kwak : Dance(choreography)
Jinsoo Chung : Video

feat. in this song : Hyunjoon Lee(percussion)

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