The sun is a vital part of our lives as humans to survive. But we don't often recognize or take a moment to appreciate the brilliance of the sun. It unconditionally shines upon us day to day and protects us with its features of light, heat, and blessings. This project expresses the values and respect that I hold towards the Sun.

Through 3D printing technology, I created a three piece art collection of conceptual sculptures. This video shows the making process of the sculptures until its completion.

Equipment: Makerbot Replicator 2X, ABS filament
Shot on: GoPro, Canon C100
Created by: Mika Nakano
Additional Photography: Matt Shanafelt
Original Music Composed by: Isaac Wang
Credits Music Composed and Played by: Yumi Nakano
Special thanks to: Keikai sensei, Anya Belkina, Paul Turano, Elliot Barnes, Pierre Huberson, Nami Travin, and Yurika Nakano

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