The Air Flow NS by Robot is a new leap forward in Home and Health Technology. It is the Worlds first Water, Air, Floor & carpet cleaner. It's the only product of its kind that never loses air flow, uses water filtration to capture dirt, debris, bacteria, germs and pathogens not only your floors but in your air and sterilizes it using patented Nano Silver Technology.

Once the air passes through the Air Flow NS, the Nano Silver mixes with the water and kills 99.9% of Bacteria, Germs, Fungi, & Pathogens in your Home. That fresh air is then released back into your home completely purified.

Traditional Vacuums use between 2 and 5 HEPA filters to catch dirt, dust, and airborne pathogens. After regular use, HEPA filters become clogged and need regular cleaning or replacement. If not replaced or thoroughly cleaned these systems lose airflow and their HEPA filters quickly become a breeding ground for germs, pathogens, and bacteria which are then spread and redistributed back into your home and into the air that you and your family breathe.

The Air Flow NS has NO HEPA FILTERS. That means no clogs, no redistribution of bacteria, germs, dirt or debris into your home and most importantly no loss of airflow, making the Air Flow NS the most advanced home cleaning system in the world.

The Air Flow NS has over 1 Billion & 100 Million Nano Silvers Molded into the water basin. When the air, dust and house hold dirt passes through, they're washed in our bath of (Water) which is our only filter. We have (No extra HEPA filters or sponges). When the Air Exits theAir Flow NS it's 100% Sterilized clean air because of the Water Bath and the NANO SILVER!

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