Welcome to the 2014 CKA Regional East Coast Championships
Music: Cruising by Helsinki 78-82

Thank you to our sponsors Best Kiteboarding, Beachnboard fest, Liquid Force Kiteboarding, Good Breeze Kiteboarding, Cabrinha, Slingshot Kite and Dakine

Thanks to Helsinki 78-82 for providing the music. Check them out at soundcloud.com/helsinki-78-82

1st FAU - 42 PTS
2nd UF - 21.33 PTS
3rd FSU - 19 PTS
4th FIU - 17 PTS
5th ROLLINS - 8 PTS (tied)
5th FGCU - 8 PTS (tied)
6th USF - 5.67 PTS

Prizes: $500 dollars, Liquid Force boards, Fusion straps

Scholarships and sponsorship available. Get in touch with us at collegekiteboarding.com

Get out and kite.

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