The Aquatic Social Scene “Amazing Grace” model is our biggest selling board.
This board is one of the fastest boards we have had in store and is fascinating to ride as it seems to skim above the water until you lay a rail in and even then it seems to project it’s self forward exactly where you want it.
The Amazing Grace bottom contours are single to double concave with sharpened rails at the rear.
The rocker has been kept very low to increase speed and the nose has been left wide to allow the rider to ride this board 4-6 inches shorter.
Under the feet it feels very much like a skateboard and it’s surprising the amount of speed this board generates while maintaining control.
These boards perform exceptionally well in sloppy or small conditions where your traditional shortboard would struggle but go equally well in waves up to head height.
The Amazing Grace has been glassed thick like all good traditional fish should be as well as re-enforced the fin area with an extra 2-ounce plate.
The Deck layup is 6+4 ounce and Bottom is 6 ounce with the 2-ounce fin plate.
Traditional resin tints add to the retro feel of these boards and each board is very unique (pictures are for reference only as each board will differ substantially).
The resin tints are an art form in them selves and no photo will truly represent the craftsmanship involved.
If you want to go fast, look good and have a awesome time in any or all conditions… Amazing Grace will amaze you.

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