This is a short clip of my arriving at Yididiya's home in 2013. It had been a full year and several letter exchanges since we had last seen one another.
The home visits mission teams make are always some of the most impactful and memorable times on these trips.

Looking at this video, I am still surprised at how much she looks like she could be my biological daughter. As far as skin color goes, she is lighter than myself. Here hair has not hint of racial mixture to it. Though she looks a lot different than her peers, she is accepted amongst them.

Their dressing in their western-looking best for this visit, gives one the impression they are not as poor as they actually are. I know better as I have heard their story through a translator. Because she was abandoned by her Ukrainian husband while 3 months pregnant with Yididiya, Genet was left in a desperate situation trying to figure out how she would survive and take care of her child.

Today, like so many of the families in Nazret, her and mother, Genet, live in a mini-community "compound" with a tin "gate" as an entrance. They are fortunate because there are about 12 families living their - which creates some aspect of safety in amidst the crime, prostitution and drug challenged area in which they live.

The well-kept 10 x 18 room room they call home doubles as a place where Genet is trying to begin a hair styling business. Since child got sponsored, Genet has been taking hair styling classes and working of getting her GED finished. Thus the hair style posters on the outer wall. I had no idea as to the ripple affect of sponsorship.


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