Portrait of a YouTube Star: Behind the Scenes of "The Forgotten Heist" (5 Minute Bastardized Festival Cut)

Heres the short film we created for the Tacoma 72 Hour Film Festival. We had 72 hours to come up with a film. We decided to do a documentary about the creation of another film called, "The Forgotten Heist" (which was also an entry in the festival... viewable here: vimeo.com/993920 )

Festival Requirements:
-Must be 5 minutes in length
-Must include the line, "I feel like I've been here before"
-Must have at least one scene shot at a museum
-Must have a fortune cookie in a scene
-One scene must incorporate bubbles in some way

Directed by: David Kennedy and Michael Bartley
Edited by: David Kennedy and Michal Bartley
-Nick McCord as Alfonso Guiterrez Bernard Smith Benson Xing
-David Kennedy as Solomon Kennedth
-Jeff Alldridge as Jeff Alldridge
-Ken Kreps as Ken Kreps
-Layne Bukey as Girl in Club
-Patrick Bartley as crew member #1
-Keith Bartley as crew member #2

Film shot in 36 hours (May 2nd, May 3rd) on location in Tacoma, Washington.

Note: This is the 5 minute version that appeared at the Tacoma Film Festival. To see the full length 20 minute director's cut, go here: vimeo.com/989620 ...

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