1. Brutally Deceased - Below The Adversary
2. The Meads Of Asphodel - A Baptism In The Warm Piss Of Slaughtered Children
3. Wretched - Cranial Infestation
4. Theories - Six Spent Shells
5. Ashura - Reap What You Sow
6. Human Butchery - Brutal Destination
7. Thanatic Eyes - Dark Santa Klaus
8. Claymore - The Eternal Law
9. For I Am King - The Beast Within
10. Mefisto - Act Dead

Brutally Deceased: facebook.com/brutallydeceased
The Meads Of Asphodel: facebook.com/themeadsofasphodel
Wretched: facebook.com/wretchednc
Theories: facebook.com/theoriesgrind
Ashura: facebook.com/ashurathrashmetal
Human Butchery: facebook.com/humanbutcherymex
Thanatic Eyes: facebook.com/thanaticeyes
Claymore: facebook.com/pages/claymore/21997424385
For I Am King: facebook.com/foriamkingofficial
Mefisto: facebook.com/pages/mefisto-sweden/234630006720804

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