"Lusk Cave — a superb marble cave and natural geological phenomenon that has been thousands of years in the making.

During the Ice Age, Canada went through four major glaciations. The last, the Wisconsin Glaciation, saw ice forming over almost all of Canada and as far as the state of Wisconsin in the United States. When the Wisconsin Glacier melted about 12,500 years ago, water trapped under the melting glacier was forced into cracks in the rocks. The marble of Lusk Cave eroded more quickly than surrounding rocks, causing a series of tunnels to form. Since then, the Lusk Stream has continued to shape the cave.

Lusk Cave is in the Philippe Lake area, about five kilometres from Parent Beach. It is an easy hike along trails dotted with interpretation panels. The 10-kilometre round trip takes about four hours to walk.

In the cave itself, water levels can be as high as a metre or more. An extra pair of shoes, flashlight and safety helmet are recommended." - ncc-ccn.gc.ca/places-to-visit/gatineau-park/lusk-cave

Rhonda & I visited Lusk Cave with the idea of going through the whole cave system while filming and taking pictures. It was a good test for the Aputure Amaran Al-160 light I picked up for my Canon XA20, which was by far the brightest thing in the tunnels! Unfortunately, Rhonda's point and shoot camera died when we got there, so she wasn't able to get any pictures. That means we'll probably go back sometime, when Rhonda's ready to face 10 km's of voracious mosquitoes again! The way she's scratching at what looks like hundreds of bites right now tells me it probably won't be any time soon! ;)

Great cave, which was comfortably warm in a wet t-shirt and shorts. The water in the stream that runs through it was also really warm! I was surprised to still see a little bit of ice buried deep in the cave, but I guess underground it takes longer to go away since the rock stays cooler longer.

Filmed on my Canon XA20 on June 8th, 2014.

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