This 4 speed 1971 Trans Am is a very rare American Muscle Car with under 3,000 built. The owner of this car is a historian who explains the reason behind the Trans Am including its racing heritage. The designer of the Trans Am is someone most people would have heard of but may not believe was the lead designer. This is one car that people would appreciate seeing regardless of its overall condition but the owner wishes to restore it to like new condition before letting it out for the public to see. It's a wonder he allowed the filming of his car as it sits today and we thank him for the opportunity to present it.

Shooting this video in the tight quarters of a two car garage and a two person crew, two cameras, a camera slider and an 8 foot camera jib (crane) presented plenty of challenges. Several windows and stray light was an obstacle that we were able to manage with the use of two Diva Kino Flos and light control flagging.

Camera One and slider: Kenny Anderson
Camera Two and Camera Jib: Sam Locklin
Director: Sam Locklin
Editing: Sam Locklin

Produced by Vidimation - Refining Reality

A 'Cuda Brothers Featured Car Series

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