Consciousness, the biggest mystery finally resolved by Dr. Hasmukh Taylor.

The age old question "What is Consciouness?" is answered.

Dr Taylor addresses the 'Hard Problem' of David Chalmers through the model of Consciousness Hologram using the principles of physical hologram, discovered by Nobel prize winner Denis Gabor at Imperial College, London.

Presented for the first time, Dr. Taylor shows how the Human Body is a Hologram formed as a mirror. He also explains how the face of the unknown, hidden beyond the universe would appear on the mirror of your perception!

A mirror, that is a Matrix through which Neo escapes in the Matrix movie.

Dr. Taylor shows what causes the split in the Consciousness. A split, which explains the difference between Phenomenal & Psychological Consciousness, Consciousness & Observer, Subjectivity and Objectivity and how it helps to understand whether the Universe is a Hologram?

Which came first, Consciousness or Absolute Reality?

Furthermore, it puts forward basic laws of consciousness analogous to fundamental laws in physics for a final theory of Consciousness.

Dr. Edgar Mitchell makes an enlightening statement that Quantum Holographic model may be the missing link between quantum theory or physics of Erwin Schrodinger and David Bohm and general relativity. It is an approach quite different from that of Descartes, Newton and Einstein. It is the holistic interface that weaves these two schools of thought together, providing an unprecedented integration of cosmic scale and atomic scale phenomena.

It takes the view of Deepak Chopra that only "Consciousness can know Consciousness" and ascertains point of Stuart Hameroff that "Consciousness defines our existence and reality."

Science finds itself validating the ancient teachings of the great mystics, gurus and saints based on chakras in Yoga as the nervous system, together with Kundalini as Quantum Hologram. Questions are asked on Sanskrit texts such Vedas towards the end.

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