OK...so we went the full year. The last swell of the 52 weeks fell on February 11th, 2010. And it was really a clean swell. And I finally got to hook up with one of my favorite local NH Surfers, Casey Lockwood. Up until this last swell, I had somehow missed him on every single session. As the sun was fading on the 11th of February, I heard a whistle, it was Casey, heading out to one of our Point breaks. I had my camera gear and as they say..."the rest is history. "

The first part of the clip features Mike Stanek and Eric Canon at Chowda Heads. That was a cool sesh too.

The music is by QWILL, and as usual, it just flows with the footage. I swear with Jesse being a surfer, the QWILL project has some of the BEST soundtrack vibes going.

Check it out, and enjoy the new additional RUN footage.


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