During an overnight timelapse on June 6-7, climbers (Skagit Alpine Club and Washington Alpine Club) make their way up the Squak Glacier on Mt Baker. The highpoint shown in the video is Sherman Peak, a satellite peak of Mt Baker. The aurora makes an entrance around 11:30pm, with peaks after midnight. It's likely that only the strongest portions visible in the video were discernible with the naked eye. The long exposures (15") and manner by which a camera's LCD picks up different wavelengths tends to accentuate the colors of the aurora.

This is the second timelapse I've done which has captured the aurora, though I haven't yet seen it with my naked eyes. The first timelapse was below Eldorado Peak during the Perseid meteor showers in August 2012: vimeo.com/47460333

Technical notes: I've output this timelapse at a lower frame rate to slow down the final speed, which makes it a bit choppy at times. This helps to see the aurora, though, as it flashes by a bit too quickly at my normal output of 30fps. At 15fps, this clip is a little long, but I think the extra few glimpses at the aurora are worth it. Shot on a Canon 60D 15" @ ISO 800 17mm f/2.8.


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