Expected release: August 2014

One can judge a nation by the manner in which it treats its most vulnerable amongst them and some of the most vulnerable people in the world are our refugees. This is the story of struggling refugees displaced by war and famine who are trying to find safe refuge and make a home in all places, Iceland.

This is their story – the story of maybe just a few hundred refugees who are currently seeking asylum in Iceland, most hailing from Africa and the Middle East and some even from Europe. These long time hidden people of Iceland face a much different reality than the egalitarianism that the Icelandic government boasts about in commercials and other campaigns.

Yet this is only part of the story of the hardships asylum seekers in Iceland face and their battle to be counted. It is a testament to how no human being is illegal and how no one wants to be a refugee. And Iceland here has the chance to take the lead in the world regarding the manner in which asylum seekers are treated, yet sadly it seems those in power are more interested in photo ops to bolster tourist campaign ads with hollow slogans instead of doing what is right and coming to the table of humanity to stand on the side of justice, equality and brotherhood.

This is “No Human Is Illegal: The Story and Struggles of the other Hidden People of Iceland.”

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