Figured I would take a little break from my final project and what better excuse than a GreyscaleGorilla 5 Second project.

Was messing around in Cinema4d the other day and I suddenly thought it would be kinda cool to use it as a stop-motion device. Specifically, I wanted to go super lo-fi by sculpting the polygons of simple planes, rendering out an image once I was happy with each pose. Because the process was incredibly destructive it made it immensely satisfying - bringing a real organic spontaneity and finality to the work.

I normally prefer to tell a story but I have enjoyed making a purely visual piece. There is a real futurist/cubist essence to the look and progression of the harsh fragmented shapes which came as an unexpected surprise. I definitely plan to put a little more thought and development into a longer more substantive piece.

Hope you enjoy!

Created for GreyscaleGorilla's "Self Portrait" 5 Second Project:

Audio: Bar 9 - Midnight

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