Ack! The previous upload was faulty--there was NO ENDING! Here's my reupload. My apologies to those who watched the incomplete video earlier.

Here's my latest live action film. Initially I had a few scenes where Dulci hosted a home improvement show, but during editing I noticed these scenes took away from the pacing of the overall piece. So they ended up on the cutting room floor (or recycle bin as the case may be). However, I still greatly appreciate her contribution to this film, and shout out a huge thanks to her last-minute help with yet another one of my projects.

I had fun with this one, and just as with my animated films, I learned a lot. I plan on making another live action movie soon, and have already started outlining the story and started some preliminary storyboards. I'll also get a better camera (I borrowed a friend's old analog Hi8 camera for this one since my DV camcorder broke). Hopefully it'll make a difference.

Thanks for viewing my latest. I hope you enjoyed it!

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