Waterfront Park, Portland, Oregon.

Some details:
Shooting 1 second exposures every 2 seconds
A total of 2683 images in this video, played back at 12fps.
Shot on 2 consecutive nights. First night was the panning tripod. While we were shooting, a guy called me back about an ad on craigslist for his Peleng 8mm fisheye. We went and picked it up at midnight and brought it along the 2nd night, when we did all the still shots.

A part of this was featured on KATU Ch. 2 Portland on 05/07/08, At least thats what all my coworkers told me the next day because I missed it.
Update: They didn't run the video, just a picture: vimeo.com/1013228


Update 06/22/2009 - Now you can download this video to your iphone/ipod as a podcast in itunes! Link:

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