White House Down (Feature Film) - RPG Sequence
• Developed and applied Houdini tools for RPG smoke effects .
• Involved in Tool development, Simulation and Final Rendering for all RPG shots.
• Developed and Applied a logical cluster method for Smoke Trials that optimizes memory and reduces simulation time with good details.

White House Down (Feature Film) - Pool house Explosion
• Responsible for explosion Pyro Effects in slow motion.
• This was a challenging shot to match two shots in a sequence one with 1x speed another with 0.5x speed.
• Developed a tool that write sub frames and read it back as full frame. That make the simulation as slow motion without losing details in sequence.
• Custom cluster method to split simulations to several machines.

White House Down (Feature Film)- Roof Explosion
• Responsible for Debris, Dust trails, Shockwave Smoke and Rendering.
• Painted a selected pieces to interact with forces.
• Used a Rigid Body Dynamics with custom forces to interact with explosion.
• Dust trials with falling debris.
• Shockwave dust animated with particles.

The Last Stand (Feature Film)
• Responsible for Cloth Simulation, Soft body dynamics, Blood Particles and Rendering.
• Used Soft body dynamics for body pieces to explode after explosion.
• Cloth Simulation for exploded cloth pieces from soldier.

Resident Evil (Feature Film)-Retribution
• Responsible for creating Glass Shatter, Sparks and Rendering.
• Created a script that automate the process of animating particles and applying glass pieces and sparks
to particles.

Dredd (Feature Film )
• Created random shapes for glass.
• Slow-motion particles, used custom instance method to select each glass piece for each particle.
• Used Houdini smoke solver for glass dust trails.

Vampire Academy (Feature Film)
• Responsible for creating gravel interaction for Hound.
• Used combination of bullet dynamics and particles to interact with Hound legs.

Logo (TV) - Smoke Effects
• I am alone responsible for whole shot from R&D of smoke integration with different colours to final Compositing.
• Developed and applied smoke simulation and blending with different colours at render time.
• Animated time scale to control speed from starting to ending to cover the logo.

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