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[Poor Rich Boy "Zardarazir"]

Voiceover: From June through November, Center Stage introduces American communities to seven dynamic arts ensembles from Morocco, Pakistan, and Vietnam. In June, Americans will experience indie rock from Pakistan, as the popular band from Lahore, Poor Rich Boy, tours the United States.

The Center Stage program, its a cultural exchange program
and it's sort of allows bands from different countries
to sort of tour America and experience that.
It's a great experience for us
to be able to play somewhere out of Pakistan
especially cause we play English songs
and there's not a large audience for that in Pakistan
It's great to be able to do that in front of people who actually understand what we're saying.

Danny: I've never been to the U.S.
I've never played anywhere other than Lahore, where we're from.
And even there I think played for a couple of hundred people tops.
And they have all been locals, mostly been a lot of of our friends and people we know.
So this is, I'm really looking forward to playing for people who don't know us at all.

I'm also looking forward to, I guess, providing an accessible narrative to our country.
Us writing in English, I think helps provide Americans the opportunity to access what it is like to be a Pakistani. There is a sense of pride. I do feel proud. You know, I've been playing for a little over 10 years at home. I know a lot of musicians who would have really have loved to be here, a lot of deserving musicians and I'm very grateful that I got the opportunity me and the band got the opportunity to come and just play music. I mean, that's the dream right?

[Poor Rich Boy "Zardarazir"]

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