The most critical component to a globally competitive economy and an engaged citizenry is education. Investing in our future talent and tomorrow’s community leaders means focusing on transforming education to unleash student potential and success. Mr. Busteed thinks Gallup has the answer to help achieve this. His findings from Gallup’s worldwide polling of more than 80,000 managers, 22 million employees, and 2 million teachers concluded that success comes from focusing on and cultivating strengths. When we as corporate leaders, individual citizens, classroom teachers, and students focus on our strengths, we work better, teach better, learn better.

Mr. Busteed shared the importance of student engagement to student success, which requires engaged teachers. His work with Gallup is unique to the spectrum in which it measures success; focusing on “well-being”. He explained that only 2.7% of college graduates can positively answer questions about having teachers that excited their interests, receiving feedback, and working on long-term projects. Mr. Busteed also talked about the “inputs” vs. “outputs” of colleges. If a college is highly selective and picks students with high scores, it does not necessarily mean the students are engaged. Mr. Busteed argues that we should focus on our students’ strengths rather than their weaknesses.

Presented by: GlobalEd Network of Central Ohio
Sponsored by: EF Education First, Longview Foundation, Martha Holden Jennings Foundation

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