Music video for 'Clockwork' performed by Illangelo featuring Phlo FInister

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The inspiration behind "Clockwork" drew from a very stark and graphic space. We wanted to do something which felt futuristic, but at the same time was very simple and stripped back. A world so advanced, there is nothing to it except light, shape, and a moment. A few of the influences behind the video were Ghost in the Shell*, Superman's "Phantom Zone," the work of Akira Kurosawa, the work of Man Ray, and the work of James Turrell.

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Lead Girl - Sara Cummings
Lead Girl who kicks ass - Caitlin Dechelle (
Cloaked Double - Marc Canonizado
Dying Man - Clarence Leonard

Director - Lance Drake
DP - Todd Banhazl (
Producer - John Curtis
Asst. Director - Sir Chad Nicholson
Production Designer - Tyler Jensen
Art Director - Mr. Nelson DeCastro
Stunt Choreographer - Mindy Kelly
Hair and Makeup - Meghan Nguy
Artist Stylist - Nikki Scales/ Elijah Finister
Narrative Stylist - Candice Brittan

Day 1 Additional Crew:
1st AC - Alicia Fischmeister
2nd AC - Yoni Klein
Key Grip - Eddie Apodaca
Grip - Doug Porter
Grip - Benjamin Askinas
PA - Travis Cultreri
PA - William Elizondo
PA - Spencer Boatman

Day 2 Additional Crew:
1st AC - Elizabeth Hodgman
2nd AC - Yoni Klein
Gaffer - Nghia.Khuu
Electric - Doug Porter
Key Grip - Eddie Apodaca
Grip -Benjamin Askinas
Grip - Josh Levy
PA - Travis Cultreri
PA - William Elizondo
PA - Spencer Boatman

Reactor Design and VFX - Dimitre Berberov
VFX - Chris Friend
Editor and Additional VFX - Lance Drake
Colorist - Kevin at Prehistoric Digital

Production Co - Doomsday Entertainment
Executive Producer - Danielle Hinde
Executive Producer - Kimberly Stuckwish
Director's Rep: Dan Kent

Video Commissioner - Daouda Leonard

Special Thanks:
Daouda Leonard
Nikki Scales
Dan Kent
Todd Banhazl
Dimitre Berberov
Chris Friend
Ethan Feldbau

And a BIG THANK YOU to the entire cast and crew for making this video happen!

*Shot in 1.66 Aspect Ratio.

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