Jerry Ramsey is a Tribal Manager from the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians in Manistee, Michigan. He teaches the Real World to Wellbriety, the Native American spirituality in their traditions and beliefs at Best Drug Rehabilitation. One of the clients, Mike, states that it teaches them to be one with the earth and all of the beautiful things the earth gives us. He says it teaches how you should treat the earth and treat other individuals. Mike goes on to say that it is wonderful to have something like this in his life again, and how much this has contributed to his recovery at Best Drug Rehabilitation.

Jerry explains that everyone should have some spirituality in their life, whether it is going to church or going to Native American ceremonies, whatever helps them with their recovery.

Mike says that he got his spirituality back with the Creator. He says they don't call Him God and they don't call Him the Higher Power. They call Him the Creator because he created everything. "He created everything and everything has a spirit in it, and I've always felt that way and I was glad to be a part of that group." He is speaking of the Native American group at Best Drug Rehabilitation.

Jerry says that he does run sweat lodges at his home and they take the clients there. He states that it is a purification lodge and the clients go there and it cleans the drugs out of their systems. They sweat it out and gain a little bit of spirituality in the process.

"It's like opening up your eyes to a different world, and so we try to take them to the lodge and sit them in there and let them sweat all that stuff out of them, so that when they come out of the lodge maybe they'll have a different point of view of what they want to do in life itself."

Best Drug Rehabilitation offers many different treatment programs. Each client chooses their program by their own individual preferences and needs. The staff members are well-trained in every treatment program.

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