The Yoga Place located in downtown Los Angeles is expanding into an Urban Wellness Center -- the first of its kind in downtown Los Angeles!!

What's an Urban Wellness Center?
In its most basic definition, it's a center where The Yoga Place plans to unite mind, body and city, while offering a safe haven for those who need it. More specifically, we will offer classes in pre-natal yoga, family yoga, body work, holistic healing and a unique offering of yoga, where yoga meets the 12 steps.

We have a fundraising goal of $60,000 to raise to see all this come to fruition, but we can't do this without your help. Our goal is to move into a new space, with a grand re-opening by the end of the summer/early fall,
You can see more at our fundraising page, GoFundMe. Included in the link, an up-to-date status on raised funds, as well as seeing what your donation will give you in return.

Downtown Los Angeles is going through a renaissance; expanding and growing daily. We can all work together to nourish this expansion and bring DTLA what it really needs; a place where Mind, Body and City can unite.

Visit for more info

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